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What is the Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative?

The Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative connects Community Science initiatives across groups and regions in order to amplify voices and enhance our understanding of the health of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. To accomplish this, we provide technical, programmatic, and outreach support in order to integrate volunteer-based water quality and macroinvertebrate monitoring data into a centralized data hub, the Chesapeake Data Explorer. These data are publicly available and used by the Chesapeake Bay Program to assess the health of the Chesapeake Bay and watershed.

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Use the Chesapeake Data Explorer to store and manage your data

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The CMC Data Network

The Chesapeake Data Explorer is the gateway into data collected by the CMC network of monitors. Click the map to access our Data Explorer and explore the efforts of our monitoring community!

The CMC was formed as a partnership between the following organizations: