The CMC supports monitoring programs throughout the watershed from assistance starting new monitoring initiatives to integrating existing data into the Chesapeake Data Explorer to data interpretation and communication workshops.

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The major benefits of joining the CMC are getting support for your water quality monitoring program and having your data seen and used by diverse stakeholders. Click here for more benefits of joining the CMC.

Any group, watershed organization, or community can join the CMC whether you have an existing monitoring program or want to start a new monitoring program.

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There is no cost to join the CMC. Our services are currently covered by our grant, which include trainings, technical assistance, and data interpretation support. However, it is important to note that while there is no cost to join, monitoring groups may be responsible for any or all equipment costs, program coordination costs, lab services and any other costs to run a monitoring program.

Fill out an application! A CMC service provider will be in touch with you to follow up and help with next steps.

Data can be used for various applications – talk to your service provider for more information. Generally these data can be used for education and screening, targeting some management actions and in ecosystem health report cards, and some data may be used by the Chesapeake Bay Program to inform policy and decision making. All CMC data can be accessed through the Chesapeake Data Explorer and it is up to the data user how they want to use the data.

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Equipment funding may be available depending on your program needs and available funds. Your CMC service provider will discuss funding and equipment loans during the application or study design process.

No you do not. Particularly if you are an existing monitoring program that does not want to change existing protocols, we want to support the program that your group has successfully been running for some time. A CMC service provider will determine your tier level and get you set up in the database based on review of your protocols and Quality Assurance Project Plan. You are responsible for all QA/QC required for the data to meet its designated tier. We are only able to submit data to CBP that is consistent with the CMC QAPP and SOP, any data collected that does not follow our methods or an equivalent method will be marked as provisional and not submitted to CBP.

Congratulations! Data you are collecting is already being included in the CMC.

Data are submitted regularly to the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Data Warehouse (STORET) and from there are passed along to the Water Quality Exchange (WQX), the EPA’s water quality data portal. Data are also available for use by interested data users through the Chesapeake Data Explorer.