Chesapeake Data Explorer

What is the Chesapeake Data Explorer?

The Chesapeake Data Explorer is a portal to all of the data collected through the Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative. It is a place for monitoring groups to upload and manage their water quality data and see it alongside all of the other data being collected throughout the Chesapeake watershed.

Why use CMC data?

Data in the Chesapeake Data Explorer includes chemical and biological water quality data collected from the entire Chesapeake watershed. The CMC has made data easy to download and determine use from our tiered framework. The tiers allow users to use data as they see fit based on the collection methods and the steps taken to maintain quality assurance.

Who uses our data?

Data uploaded to the Chesapeake Data Explorer is used by the Chesapeake Bay Program to help assess Bay and Watershed health, some state agencies, and anyone who wants to access to Chesapeake Data Explorer.

The Chesapeake Data Explorer

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