Chesapeake Data Explorer

The Chesapeake Data Explorer is a portal to all of the data collected through the Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative. It is a place for monitoring groups to upload, manage, and share their water quality and benthic data and see it alongside all of the other data being collected throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed. All data are identified by method and quality assurance tier level using the CMC Tiered Framework and are owned by the data provider(s), not the Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative.

The EPA’s Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP) requested and funded the development of the Chesapeake Data Explorer through the original 6-year cooperative agreement award. Green Fin Studios and the Environmental Data Center at the Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in Virginia, Virginia Institute of Marine Science (CBNERR-VA/VIMS) developed the Chesapeake Data Explorer and supplemental resources listed below. The CBNERR-VA/VIMS continues to manage and provide support for the Data Explorer on an on-going basis.


How to Upload Data

In order to upload data, your group must work with a CMC service provider to complete all methods review or study design workshops and necessary trainings to meet your designated Tier level. Your CMC service provider will then register your group and set up the parameters and stations monitored. Once a group is registered, individuals who will be uploading data must create an account under that group and your CMC service provider will review the data upload process. Registered users can be designated as a coordinator or monitor depending on their data upload needs and QA responsibilities.

Who uses our data?

Data published on the Chesapeake Data Explorer are publicly accessible to anyone who wants to use it via the query function on the homepage. Additionally, the data are used by the Chesapeake Bay Program and state agencies to help assess bay and watershed health.

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