Methods and QA Review

Methods and QA Review

There are many groups out there already collecting water quality data!

The CMC team will review methods manuals and QA procedures of active monitoring groups in order to designate a tier and integrate the group into the CMC database. During this review the CMC service provider compares a group’s monitoring protocols against the CMC approved methods using a dichotomous key and provides feedback.

Feedback generally includes items to be added in order for data to be included in the tiered framework or suggestions for data to move up a tier. Data that does not qualify for a tier is marked as provisional and is not passed on to the Bay Program.

Reviews and Evaluations

These minimum requirements must be met in order for the CMC service providers to conduct a methods review and for data to be entered into the CMC database:

  • Written study design (preferred, not required)
  • Methods Manual
  • Documented site locations with latitude and longitude coordinates

Monitoring programs are evaluated based on the following criteria to establish a tier level:

  • Quality Assurance Project Plan or QA procedures
  • Equipment inspection, maintenance and calibration procedures
  • Frequency of field and lab duplicates, replicates and blanks
  • Type of equipment used

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