13th National Monitoring Conference Highlights

The CMC Takes the Stage at the 13th National Monitoring Conference

The 13th National Monitoring Conference, held in Virginia Beach, VA from April 24-28th, was a significant opportunity for the Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative (CMC) to participate in one of the premiere water monitoring conferences.

Peter Tango, the Chesapeake Bay Monitoring Coordinator for the Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP), gave the plenary speech at the conference. He highlighted the significant role CMC plays in volunteer water monitoring and gave insight into the preservation history of the Chesapeake Bay over the last 40 years. Tango’s recognition of the CMC underscored its influence in the field and helped to raise the profile of the CMC among the numerous federal and state organizations present.

Presentations by the CMC staff were a central part of the conference as well. Their interactions with a diverse group of organizations served to enrich the conference experience. The staff’s contributions were beneficial not only for their professional growth but also for the overall advancement of the CMC’s mission.

The CMC also led a session dedicated to Volunteer Monitoring. This gathering provided a platform for discussion, sharing best practices, and fostering stronger connections among the volunteer community. The networking session was a notable success, further establishing the CMC’s leadership role in the volunteer monitoring space.

In conclusion, the 13th National Monitoring Conference served as an excellent stage for the Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative to showcase its commitment to volunteer-based water monitoring, engage with other organizations, and lead meaningful discussions on the topic.