ALLARM holds first virtual Stream Team data interpretation workshop

ALLARM held its first virtual Stream Team data interpretation workshop with monitors from York County on June 23. The York volunteers hold a special place in our hearts as the pilot Stream Team group trained in late 2018. These monitors have been collecting monthly water quality data for 18 months (with a pause at some sites during COVID). It is always exciting to reach a point where teams can start looking at their data. The workshop gave the opportunity for volunteers to explore potential patterns at their site, between sites, and across land uses and geology. Volunteers received packets outlining individual site results, including data summaries, maps, and graphs of all the sites. This way, everyone was prepared and eager to discuss the findings for their sites while we connected during the virtual workshop. We were able to discuss some preliminary trends and stories their data are starting to show. The first York Stream Teams are now thinking about their next steps, brainstorming avenues for data use, and discussing the continuation of monitoring. ALLARM is looking forward to reaching this step with its other Stream Team groups. Thank you to our awesome volunteers for making this experience possible through your hard work and dedication.