Behind the Scenes with the CMC!

At the end of June, the CMC project team got together in Carlisle, PA to dive deep into the technical details of our Cooperative, plan for the future, and visit our friends at ALLARM. While the CMC team regularly keeps in touch, we only get to meet in person a few times a year. This time we went up to Carlisle, where ALLARM is based at Dickinson College. We worked on updating our QAPPs, thought of more efficient ways of integrating new volunteer monitoring groups that already have their own protocols, and discussed how we could analyze the growing collection of data in the CMC Data Explorer. Our team got to prioritize goals, plan for the next two years, and envision the best directions for the CMC looking beyond and into its future.

ABOVE: To unwind from all of the intense discussion, we took a break to learn about LeTort Spring Run! Photo: Samantha Briggs for CMC, 2019