Calling citizen scientists for USGS stream temperature study

Do you live in the Chesapeake Bay headwaters and want to know more about your favorite stream or spring? Then, this opportunity may be for you! Researchers with the US Geological Survey (USGS) Leetown Science Center are launching a new study to understand how groundwater affects stream temperature – and how this may affect future conditions. Here’s how you can get involved:
  1. Contact USGS with a proposed stream or spring site (see below).
  2. USGS will mail you a stream temperature gage (for free) with instructions to deploy it.
  3. You’ll deploy the gage, let it sit in the stream for a few months, then mail it back to USGS.
  4. USGS will provide you with a summary of the data, including an analysis of how your stream compares with others in the region.
For more information and to get involved, contact: Dr. Nathaniel (Than) Hitt,