CMC Data Explorer Updates

The CMC team is excited to announce some updates to the CMC Data Explorer. We recently updated the problem and qualifier codes in order to better reflect data quality issues represented in the Data Explorer. If your group uses problem codes either through the data upload form or bulk upload process, please review the new Factsheet (add link here).

Additionally, we have updated the user roles recently to include a “Member” role in addition to the monitor and coordinator roles, you can review all user roles here. The member user group is meant for a coordinator of an umbrella program who manages data and quality assurance processes for multiple groups. A member has the same data access privileges as a coordinator, but can access data and manage the program for their base group and other groups as assigned.

Please contact your CMC service provider if you have any questions about the updated codes or user roles! As a reminder, you can review any of the CMC Data Explorer resources here.

We’re incredibly excited about these updates and the positive impact they’ll have on your data exploration journey. Stay tuned for further updates to the CMC Data Explorer, as we look forward to continuing our efforts in advancing volunteer water monitoring data.