CMC Discusses Bay Restoration and Citizen Science at Planning Association Workshop

During a lightning round of talks at a recent workshop for the Maryland chapter of the American Planning Association, Nathan Miller, an IAN-UMCES Science Communicator and CMC Team member, spoke with attendees and stakeholders about CMC’s mission to monitor water quality and benthic biodiversity throughout the Chesapeake Bay. Despite its brevity, the five-minute talk emphasized the crucial role of CMC’s citizen scientists towards this mission, highlighting both CMC’s process of training community members to collect data as well as how citizen science data is processed to provide a quality readout of Bay heath for the general public. The talk concluded with a promotion of the CMC’s Chesapeake Data Explorer that emphasized the quantity and quality of data available to anyone eager or curious to track restoration progress throughout the Chesapeake watershed.

Photo Credit: Bill Dennison – Integration and Application Network, UMCES 2019