CMC on the NWQMC Webinar

CMC Shines on the NWQMC Webinar

The CMC team leads, Liz Chudoba, Julie Vastine, Sam Briggs, and Peter Tango, recently presented on the National Water Quality Monitoring Council’s (NWQMC) webinar series. The NWQMC was created in 1997 as a vehicle for bringing together diverse expertise needed to develop collaborative approaches for monitoring and assessing our Nation’s water quality. The council consists of federal, tribal, state, academic, industry, and non-profit stakeholders in water quality monitoring. As part of their ongoing webinar series, the CMC team presented on regional use of volunteer-collected data. Specifically, the presentation highlighted the CMC’s efforts to facilitate data use efforts on the local, state, and regional scales to asses the Chesapeake Bay health. Additionally, the webinar explored the essential building blocks for a coordinated multi-state monitoring effort and the successful case studies that have occurred along the way.

The webinar had over 350 people register to hear about the CMC’s volunteer monitoring efforts! Turnout and participation on the day of the presentation was strong. A variety of stakeholders engaged with the CMC through a curated Q&A session that enhanced the discussion around water quality monitoring. If you missed the webinar and wanted to learn more, a recording of the entire presentation can be found on Youtube here.