CMC Presents at Inaugural Chesapeake Studies Conference

The CMC was excited to participate in the inaugural gathering of the Chesapeake Studies Conference, the first of what planners hope becomes an annual opportunity for institutions and researchers to discuss the unique ecology, history, and environmental challenges of the Chesapeake watershed. Nathan Miller, an IAN-UMCES Science Communicator and CMC team member, presented during a session that highlighted transdisciplinary and collaborative approaches UMCES uses to monitor ecosystem health throughout the watershed. Mr. Miller spoke about overall mission of the CMC to train and encourage volunteer to become effective water quality and benthic monitors in freshwater and brackish habitats in Bay states. The presentation also emphasized the breadth of data available via the CMC’s Data Explorer website and how Data Interpretation helps make watershed data meaningful to all resource users who depend on the Chesapeake in one way or another.

Photo by Emily Nastase for IAN-UMCES and CMC, 2019