CMC Publishes New Microsoft Excel (TM) Macro Tools for Better Data Explorer Analysis

The CMC Team is excited to announce a few updates to the bulk data upload process to the Chesapeake Data Explorer that will hopefully ease data translation headaches! First, we have an updated bulk upload template, which moves the comments field, previously found in Column L, to an additional row for a sampling event. This comments field should include any QA or sampling issue comments that an end user would need to know for that sampling event, including calibration, equipment or site issues.

Additionally, we now have an Excel macro that can help translate your data from a horizontal format to the vertical bulk upload template format for the Chesapeake Data Explorer! We recognize all of the hard work that goes into translating data for upload to the Data Explorer and we hope this helps ease that burden. Please feel free to use it, edit it and tweak it to meet your programs needs! You can find the macro and a brief “how to” user guide on the Toolkits page of the CMC Website. Contact your CMC Service Provider with any other questions!

Special thanks to Jake Beley, a graduate student at Dickinson College for building the macro, and Andy Fitch at the Chesapeake Bay Program for making final edits to handle duplicates, depths and station conditions!