Columbia County Stream Team Training

ALLARM’s Stream Team monitoring program is moving up the Susquehanna River! We trained new volunteers in Columbia County, PA, in the middle Susquehanna region on July 15. ALLARM summer watershed coordinators led demonstrations and taught small groups the monitoring techniques along with Julie Vastine and Helen Schlimm. The new teams identified seven sites in the region with the help of Middle Susquehanna Riverkeeper, Carol Parenzan. The Columbia Stream Teams will start their monthly baseline water quality data collection in August. ALLARM is grateful for our partnership with Carol and Brittney Hartzell at the Columbia County Conservation District. We are excited for new monitoring to take place in the region and thank our new Stream Team volunteers!

ABOVE: Julie Vastine teaches new Columbia Stream Team volunteers how to measure water temperature and conductivity at the Columbia County Conservation District on July 15. Photo: Helen Schlimm for ALLARM/CMC, 2019