DIY Table Modifications for Monitoring

Macroinvertebrate monitoring calls for patience, a keen eye for little critters, and depending on what table you’re using, a strong back! When spending a few hours bending over a table to sort, count, and identify macros, your back can start to feel the burn. Some Save Our Streams monitors have opted for short enough tables to be able to utilize a chair, while others have taken the DIY route to modify their tables to give them a taller platform for macro counting.

Save Our Streams monitors in Henrico County, VA showed off how they modified their preferred camping tables with PVC pipe to extend the leg height. They did so by drilling holes into the PVC pipe and using a clasp to keep the table legs in place. This is a clever and cost-effective way to convert your table to have adjustable heights and get a more comfortable view of the macroinvertebrates you collect!