Farewell to Stephanie Letourneau: A Pillar of ALLARM and CMC

Celebrating Stephanie’s Impact and Looking Ahead to Her Future in Marine Science

Last month, we bid a heartfelt goodbye to Stephanie Letourneau, the driving force behind ALLARM’s Community Science Manager role and an invaluable member of the CMC team. For nearly three years, Stephanie has played a crucial part in coordinating ALLARM’s Stream Team program. She has been a lynchpin in working with community scientists across Pennsylvania, not just supporting volunteer monitoring but also efficiently integrating valuable data into the CMC Data Explorer platform.

Stephanie is now embarking on an exciting new academic journey, as she heads to William and Mary’s Virginia Institute of Marine Science for graduate school. In this next chapter, she will continue her work in environmental science, as she has secured an assistantship with CMC service provider CBNERR-VA/VIMS. Her research will now focus on marine environments, shifting from the freshwater realms she has so diligently served.

Stephanie, your contributions to ALLARM and the CMC have been instrumental, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Your passion for community science has inspired us all, and we are incredibly excited to see where this new journey takes you. Thank you for your dedication, and best of luck in your future endeavors!