Hack the Bay Partners Host Panel on Environmental Justice

As part of the Hack the Bay event, our partners at Booz Allen Hamilton hosted an Environmental Justice panel on Tuesday, August 18th. This panel covered how the intersection of social inequality, economics, and the environment are integral considerations to better understand the unequal societal burdens of pollution, climate change, and land development. The panelists discussed how to evaluate data, environmental stewardship, and Bay restoration through the lenses of equity and justice.
The panel included Kari Fulton (Environmental and Climate Justice Advocate), Rozina Kanchwala (Eco.Logic Founder), Albert Arevalo (Brookside Gardens & Latino Outdoors), and Jessie Hillman (Blue Water Baltimore).
This was an excellent panel and we highly recommend watching! Follow this link to the webinar recording.
Photo Credit: Hack the Bay/YouTube 2020