The Havre de Grace Maritime Museum Joins the CMC

A Fresh Wave of Monitoring Efforts: How the Museum’s Environmental Center Will Contribute to Understanding and Protecting the Chesapeake Bay

We are thrilled to announce that the Havre de Grace Maritime Museum has joined the Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative (CMC) as a new monitoring partner! Located where the Susquehanna River flows into the Chesapeake Bay, the Havre de Grace Maritime Museum and Environmental Center serves as a focal point for environmental education and awareness.

The Environmental Center operates with a mission to inspire and educate both residents and visitors to the Lower Susquehanna River and Upper Chesapeake Bay region. They aim to cultivate an understanding and appreciation for their natural environment through a range of interactive experiences—be it outdoor activities, engaging exhibits, onsite tours, or accessible online resources. The Center also actively supports scientific research that contributes to environmental conservation.

What sets this partnership apart is the comprehensiveness of their monitoring program. The team at the Environmental Center will carry out monthly water sampling across six strategic locations, year-round. They will be assessing a variety of water quality indicators including dissolved oxygen levels, water temperature, conductivity, total dissolved solids, pH levels, and water clarity.

But that’s not all! They will also be collecting four nutrient samples annually, which will undergo specialized laboratory analysis. These nutrient tests are crucial in understanding the health of the water bodies and identifying areas that may need attention. The data collected from two local watersheds, Lilly Run and Swan Creek, will not only help fulfill the Environmental Center’s mission but will also provide invaluable insights into the health and dynamics of these critical areas in the Chesapeake Bay.

So, let’s extend a warm welcome to the Havre de Grace Maritime Museum and Environmental Center as they embark on this meaningful journey with the CMC. Their contributions promise to significantly enrich our collective understanding of the Chesapeake Bay’s water quality.