Macroinvertebrate Collection at Mill Creek!

Macroinvertebrate collection and identification is a staple monitoring feature with many of CMC’s partners. In addition to the traditional order taxonomic level analysis, CMC has been partnering with the Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP) to have specimens identified to the family level. There are key watersheds where the CBP would like to have family level analysis completed. This past year, the CMC learned a new collection technique to support this identification process. In looking at the spatial data needs, ALLARM identified several overlapping tributaries with Stream Team sites. As a result, ALLARM has begun piloting sample collection training with Stream Team volunteers. On October 2nd, ALLARM met with six volunteers on the shore of Mill Creek, a tributary to Codorus Creek, which runs through the industrial area of York, PA. Stream Team volunteers were excited to get their feet wet and learn more about the macroinvertebrates we preserved that day to be sent to the lab for family level identification.