Renewed and New Connections

Throughout the fall months, the Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring has been exploring relationships with new colleagues. We’ve also been dusting off the rolodex to reconnect with water partners throughout the Susquehanna and Potomac River watersheds. The ALLARM team loved running two sessions at the PA Conservation Districts Watershed Specialist conference. At the conference, ALLARM shared CMC resources and met with the key individuals who coordinate local on-the-ground watershed work to identify synergistic opportunities. There was a lot of excitement for the Chesapeake Data Explorer. Additionally, ALLARM has been connecting with the Lancaster Clean Water Partners, the team of organizations organizing the Bay work in the county. The Partners hosted a Lancaster Water Quality Monitoring Data Summit and asked both ALLARM and Stroud Water Research Center to facilitate a two-hour data sharing session. There, ALLARM offered lessons learned and resources from CMC.

Photo Credit: ALLARM 2019