RiverTrends 2021 Year in Review


Despite Covid limitations, RiverTrends had a very successful 2021! We continued to adapt our training and recertification sessions into a hybrid format, allowing for outdoor, in-person training events as well as virtual sessions to meet the needs of all of our monitors. In Virginia, we led 17 training sessions, trained 30 new monitors, and added 19 new sites. Additionally, we piloted our expansion of RiverTrends into Maryland and led 6 training sessions, onboarded 17 new monitors, and added 19 sites. We can’t thank our dedicated crew of over 150 volunteer monitors enough for their time and dedication to providing high quality data to the RiverTrends program.  In 2022, we are looking forward to more days in the field and reconnecting with even more of our volunteers in person!