RiverTrends 2022 Review

RiverTrends: A Wave of Success in 2022

The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay’s RiverTrends program had a successful year in 2022, delivering valuable results through its water quality monitoring program. The program trained 41 new volunteer monitors, and expanded its reach by adding 15 new monitoring sites across Virginia. RiverTrends has a dedicated team of over 130 volunteer monitors, and was able to carry out 18 training sessions, both in-person and virtually, resulting in high volunteer retention rates.

The water quality monitoring program aims to provide accurate data on the health of Virginia’s rivers and streams. RiverTrends is able to achieve this by training its volunteer monitors, to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide high-quality data. This data helps inform decisions regarding water resource management and conservation, making the program’s work a vital part of efforts to protect and preserve waterways in the Chesapeake Bay.

RiverTrends is looking forward to even more days out in the field in 2023, where volunteers can connect with each other in person and continue to provide valuable data on the health of Virginia’s rivers and streams. The program is grateful for the dedication of its volunteer monitors and recognizes the important role they play in the success of the program.

In conclusion, RiverTrends had another successful year in 2022 and is poised for even greater success in 2023. The water quality monitoring program plays an important role in protecting and preserving Virginia’s waterways, and its dedicated team of volunteer monitors is critical to its success.

RiverTrends Volunteers 2022