St. Mary’s River Monitors Becomes a Tier 2 Cooperative

We are excited to announce a new monitoring program starting in 2020 on the St. Mary’s River in Maryland! Last week the St. Mary’s River Monitoring Cooperative became Tier 2 certified to measure secchi depth and depth profiles for water temperature, salinity, and dissolved oxygen. There have been significant¬†changes in the river in recent years, from lack of jellyfish, to dead crabs in crab pots, to changes in the species of fish being caught. The main goal of this program is to help understand these changes and track the anoxic layer throughout the system. This project builds off of research conducted by two professors at St Mary’s College of Maryland. Data collection will begin in February and will occur monthly at 22 stations along the St. Mary’s River. Check out the Data Explorer to see updates and progress as they start uploading data!