The CMC heads into the field with the Severn River Association!

Liz Chudoba (the Alliance) and Caroline Donovan (UMCES) joined Tom Guay and Emi McGeady (both from Severn River Association) for a day of field work. The main goal was to observe field measurements of dissolved oxygen profiles and water clarity. But, it was also a chance to get out on water! The weather was perfect and the conversation flowed effortlessly. It felt like a celebration of the return to (somewhat) normal routines. The Severn River folks did a great job monitoring their Spa and Back Creek sites. The CMC folks brushed up on their YSI and boating skills. SRA will continue to submit Tier 2 water quality data into the Data Explorer and onward to the Bay Program, providing much needed data to the broader Chesapeake Bay community.

Reading water quality output