Tributary Trends Summaries from the Chesapeake Bay Program

Photo by Ethan Weston/Chesapeake Bay Program

The Chesapeake Bay Program’s Integrated Trends Analysis Team recently released summaries for the 12 major tributaries or tributary groups in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. The tributary summaries cover:

  1. How tidal water quality changes over time;
  2. How factors that drive those changes change over time; and,
  3. The current state of the science on connecting change in health conditions to drivers.

The information available in these summaries may be useful to local watershed organizations in supporting report card development. For example, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments used the Potomac summary in the development of the Potomac River Water Quality in Metropolitan Washington 2019 report.

Check out the Tributary Trends Summaries to explore how these reports can help support your report card development and monitoring programs.