Tier 3 Tidal Monitoring

Tier 3 Tidal Monitoring

Tier 3 groups must demonstrate that they meet the sampling and analytical requirements of the CBP Methods and Quality Assurance procedures, which must be documented in a separate Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) and undergo a field audit conducted by the Chesapeake Bay Program Data Integrity Workgroup.

Tier 3 programs must sample at a minimum:

  • water clarity (Secchi)
  • dissolved oxygen (mg/l and % sat)
  • water temperature (deg C)
  • salinity (ppt)

Grab samples for nutrients and chlorophyll are eligible for Tier 3 status if the samples are analyzed at a CBP approved lab and follow appropriate QA procedures. Contact us for a list of currently approved labs.

We facilitate the process by which a group is audited by the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Data Integrity Workgroup. The auditing process includes review of the group’s QAPP, field monitoring audit, audit report, and follow up. A group’s data is considered Tier 3 after the entire process is complete and the Quality Assurance Manager at the Bay Program has signed the approved QAPP.